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Set your own hours, build your own customer base, engage with your Community.
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Earn a generous 18% commission for every order you send to Modern Tailor.


Recruit agents under your umbrella and make 2% extra commission on their sales.

What Modern Tailor Provides

An online system which allows you to track orders. A reliable customer service team to help your customers.
Generous dual-level commission scheme.

"Before I discovered online made-to-measure clothing, I was resigned to poorly fitting clothes and a dislike for shopping in general. Since I made this revelation just a few short months ago, I have spent thousands of dollars on made-to-measure clothes (mostly at your site) and will be a lifelong customer..."

Philip E. Pennington M.B.A., M.S.F.

"If you've ever had made-to-measure clothing, this is a no brainer. There'ss nothing like having clothes that fit 100% right, and based on the two shirts so far, Modern Tailor delivers on that brand promise. My shirts fit great, and unless my body changes materially, I can keep ordering shirts with confidence, knowing they'll fit right every time."